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We at Pharmasave understand the importance of information to the patient. As we broaden our focus, we have learned the importance of the availability of information in the privacy of your own home. Thus we have introduced a new patient video library with over one hundred different titles that you can view at your leisure. This new service is provided to you free of charge. Drop in and ask for more details at the Dispensary or in the Home Health Centre. 
Remember your Pharmacist Cares
What follows is the current list of titles available 
-Acne (Zeneca(tm)) V-0005
-Angina (Zeneca(tm)) V-0003
-Alcohol: The Most Dangerous Drug (Alti-Med(tm)) V-0024
Anxiety/Panic Disorders
-Anxiety/Panic Disorders (Medical Video Library) V-0030
-ARTHROBICS Exercises for coping with arthritis (Searle(tm)) V-0078
Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Rheumatoid Arthritis (Medical Video Library) V-0033
-Osteoarthritis (Zeneca(tm)) V-0001
Peak Flow Meters and Inhaler Aids
-Peak Flow Monitoring (Bencard Allergy Laboratories (tm)) V-0096
-Living With Asthma: What You Can Do Personal Best (tm) peak flow and OptiHaler (tm) drug delivery system (Healthscan Products) V-0065
Back Pain
-Back Pain (Alti-Med (tm)) V-0027
Birth Control/Contraception
-The Pill (Medical Video Library) V-0035
Blood Thinners/Anticoagulation Therapy
-COUMADIN(tm): Patient Video "Using Coumadin Safely and Effectively" (Dupont Pharmaceuticals(tm)) V-0074
Breast Cancer
-Breast Cancer (Zeneca(tm)) V-0013
-Breast Cancer (Medical Video Library) V-0037
Breast Self Examination
-BSE For Every Woman: A New Approach To Breast Self-Examination ( Canadian Cancer Society) V-0061
Breast Pump
-Medela Instructional Video Breast Feeding and Accessories, Vol. 3 016 Lactina Breast-pump V-0077
-Facing Cancer With Confidence
(Foundation for Canadians Facing Cancer) V-0092
-ZOLADEX(tm) Administration II A training video on Zoladex(tm) injection Techniques (Zeneca(tm)) [2] V-0055 a&b
Cancer: Breast
-Breast Cancer (Zeneca(tm)) V-0013
-Breast Cancer (Medical Video Library) V-0037
-BSE For Every Woman: A New Approach To Breast Self-Examination ( Canadian Cancer Society) V-0061
Cancer: Prostate
-Into the Light (Zeneca(tm)) V-0073
-A Grip on Hope (Canadian Cancer Society-Zeneca(tm)) V-0084
-Cholesterol (Alti-Med(tm)) V-0029
-Vital Interest Cholesterol (Merck Frosst(tm)) V-0094
-Cholesterol and You: A patient information video [4] V-0056 a,b,c&d
Chronic Fatigue
-Chronic Fatigue (Alti-Med(tm)) V-0021
-Depression (Zeneca(tm)) V-0009
-Depression (Medical Video Library) V-0032
-SERZONE(tm): A Patient Guide to Recovering from Depression (Bristol-Myers Squibb(tm)) [2] V-0054 a&b
-The Road to Recovery: A patient Guide (Lilly(tm)) V-0071
-CARBOLITH(tm): A patient video on Manic-Depressive (Bipolar) Illness (ICN(tm)) V-0066
-Diabetes: Diet (Alti-Med(tm)) V-0019
Type I Diabetes/ Insulin Dependent Diabetes
-Growing and Living with Type I Diabetes for Teenagers (Canadian Diabetes Association and Lilly(tm)) V-0042
-Management of Insulin Dependent Diabetics (Medical Video Library) V-0036
Type II Diabetics/Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetics
-Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetics (Zeneca(tm)) V-0006
-Growing and Living with Type II Diabetes (Canadian Diabetes Association and Lilly(tm)) [2] V-0043 a&b
-PRANDASE(tm) Patient Information Kit for Type II Diabetics (Bayer(tm)) [2] V-0090 a&b
Glucose Monitoring
-Happier, Healthier, Life Through Better Diabetes Management (Elite Glucose Monitoring) V-0067
-Pen 2, Companion 2 Blood Glucose Testing System (Medisense(tm) V-0068
-GLUCOMETER(tm) 3 Using the Glucometer(tm) 3 (Ames(tm)) [2] V-0087 a&b
-GLUCOMETER DEX Blood Glucose Meter
-Novalin(tm) Pen 2 training video (Connaught-Novo(tm)) V-0044
-Novalin(tm) Pen 3 training video (Connaught-Novo(tm)) V-0045
-Preci-Jet 50(tm) Introduction to use and care (Advanced Medical Technologies) V-0080
Disability Awareness
-Disability Awareness Training (Mail Post) V-0083
-Administering Zoladex to women with endometriosis (Zeneca(tm)) V-0079
-Drugs and the Elderly (Medical Video Library) V-0038
-Nordic Track(tm) exercise video V-0063
-Nordic Sport(tm) exercise video V-0064
Gastrointestinal Disorders
-Chrohn's Disease (Zeneca(tm)) V-0016
-Ulcerative Colitis (Zeneca(tm)) V-0017
-Celiac Disease Needs a Diet for Life (Canadian Celiac Association) V-0075
General Health
-Adult Physical Assessment (AJN)
-It's Your Health (Nova Scotia Department of Health) V-0089
-Radon- You and Your Family (Department of the Environment) V-0088
Helicobacter Pylori
-Clinical Update Session
-Breakthrough in the diagnosis of H.Pylori (Axcan Pharma)
Head Lice
-Head to Head with Lice (Image Media Services)
Health Care
Healing Healthcare: A Consumers look at our system (Astra(tm)) V-0086
Heart Attacks/ Myocardial Infarction
-Heart Attacks (Zeneca(tm)) V-0007
-After the Heart Attack (Alti-Med(tm)) V-0025
Hypertension/ High Blood Pressure
-High Blood Pressure (Zeneca(tm)) V-0002
-Living with Hypertension (Merck Frosst(tm)) [2] V-0081 a&b
-Keeping a Eye on Blood Pressure (Omeron Healthcare Inc.) V-0070
-Vital Interest Hypertension (Merck Frosst(tm)) V-0096
-Healthy Decisions for Your Heart: An Information Program Designed For -Men and Women with High Blood Pressure (Parke-Davis(tm) [2]V-0093 a&b
Infant Nutrition
-Infant Nutrition (Alti-Med(tm)) V-0026
-The Baby Comes First Video Library Baby's early months (Ross(tm))[2] V-0058 a&b
-Best for Baby A healthy first year (Ross(tm)) V-0059
-CARBOLITH(tm): A patient video on Manic-Depressive (Bipolar) Illness (ICN(tm)) V-0066
Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy
-Hormone Replacement Therapy (Zeneca(tm)) V-0015
-Menopause (Alti-Med(tm)) V-0018
-Menopause (Medical Video Library) V-0031
-My Life My Time Menopause and Hormone replacement Therapy (Upjohn(tm)) [3] V-0053 a,b&c
-Enjoying Life Through Menopause I Symptom and Treatment II Preventing Osteoporosis and Cardiovascular disease V-0091
-Menopause a natural change made easier with information (CIBA) V-0076
Migraine Headaches
-Migraine (Zeneca) (tm) V-0011
-NSAID Risk Profiling
(Searle Pharmaceutical Care)
- The NASID Risk Evaluation for Chronic Care Facilities
-Vitamins (Alti-Med(tm)) V-0023
-Nutrition and the Elderly (Alti-Med(tm)) V-0028
-Weight Control (Alti-Med(tm)) V-0022
Orthopedic Seats
-The Orthopedic Multipurpose Seat (Orthopedic Products Corporation) V-0069
-Osteoarthritis (Zeneca(tm)) V-0001
-Vital Interest Osteoporosis (Merck Frosst(tm)) V-0095
-Colostomies and Ileostomes (Zeneca(tm)) V-0014
-Celebration- Leak-Proof support belt for ostomies V-0085
-Extended Wear Self-Adhesive urinary External Catheter (Hollister) V-0050
-Using Convexity in the Management of Abdominal Stomas (Hollister) V-0049
-Premier(tm) Series One-Piece Ostomy Products (Hollister) V-0048
-Center Point Lock(tm) Two-piece Ostomy-System-Premier(tm) Series (Hollister) V-0047
Patient Counseling
- Cough and Cold: Guidelines for Counseling in a Changing Regulatory Environment (Brenda McBean Cochran)
-Communication in Pratice Self-Care Counseling (Brenda McBean Cochran)
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia -Restoring Freedom to BPH Patients (Merck Frosst(tm)) V-0051 a&b
Prostate Cancer
-Into the Light (Zeneca(tm)) V-0073
-A Grip on Hope (Canadian Cancer Society-Zeneca(tm)) V-0084
Respiratory/ Breathing Disorders
-Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema (Zeneca(tm)) V-0012
-Emphysema (Medical Video Library) V-0040
-Ear and Upper Respiratory Infections (Medical Video Library) V-0039
Peak Flow Meters and Inhaler Aids
-Peak Flow Monitoring (Bencard Allergy Laboratories(tm)) V-0046
-Living With Asthma: What You Can Do Personal Best(tm) peak flow and OptiHaler(tm) drug delivery system (Healthscan Products) V-0065
Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Rheumatoid Arthritis (Medical Video Library) V-0033
Sleep Disorders
-Sleep Disorders (Alti-Med(tm)) V-0020
Smoking Cessation Programs
-NICORETTE(tm) "Quit Quitting" patient video (Merrell Dow(tm)) [3] V-0060 a,b&c
-PROSTEP(tm): Nicotine Transdermal System Smoking Cessation System (Boehringer Ingelheim(tm))[3] V-0052 a,b&c
-Stress (Zeneca(tm)) V-0010
-Stroke (Zeneca(tm)) V-0008
-"A Change of Life" Can be a Change for the Better (CIBA(tm)) Stroke V-0097
-Helping us Help You (Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada) V-0072
-Living With Risk V-0082
-Sun Facts for Everyday Living (Warner-Lambert Canada(tm))[2] V-0057 a&b
Weight Control
-Weight Control (Alti-Med(tm)) V-0022
By Kevin Roland Pothier
Fourth Year Pharmacy Student

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