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February 2006

NOTE:  We now have a 24 Hour Drop Box, where you can drop off your new or refill prescriptions, mail, as well as your payments for phone, cable or power bills. Our new drop box is located in the John Street Doorway.  Quick, convenient & secure.
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Heart Health Month

 Rayma Balance Bracelet
Analyze Your Cholesterol
Body Mass Index Machine is Back
MacKenzie Orthotic 
& Orthopedic Services 
VON Foot Care Clinic
 Medical Alert
Response Systems
Blood Pressure,
Cholesterol, Blood Sugar
Ask the Pharmacist
Reflexology Clinics
Quit Smoking Program
Seven Steps to Health
Postal Outlet 
Convenient Bill Payment Centre

At Pharmasave: Your  Health is our Concern

What's New at:
Our Home Healthcare section of the store is ready this month with the following events:

Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar - every Wed.,10am-3pm 
VON Foot Care Clinic - February  2nd and 16th 8:30am-3:30 pm
Chlesterol testing clinic February  13th 9-2pm
Reflexology Clinic - February   2th & 16th
Heart Health Clinic - February - 14th - 10-2pm
Rod MacKenzie Orthotic/Orthopaedic Clinic February 22nd 23rd & 24th
"Ask the Pharmacist” now any day and by personal appointment
24 Hour Drop Box for your "round the clock convenience!
South West Photo Centre is now located at Pharmasave
White Cne Week February  4th to 10th
February  is heart Month

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Herbs, the oldest medicine of all! 
Come in and check out the many titles of herbal guides & wellness books. 
• Herbs to Relieve Arthritis 
• Herbs to Help You Breathe Freely 
• Herbs to Improve Digestion
• Herbs to Relieve Headaches 
Ginkgo Biloba, Kava Kava, Echinacea 

Identification is important for all children & their families.
A Youth Identification Kit contains important information such as height, weight, eye & hair colour and health information. Photograph, hair sample & fingerprinting are also an important aspect of the identification kit. 
Drop by our HomeCare section of Pharmasave 
for your free Youth Identification Kit.


Spring has arrived and brings the allergy season with it.

If you have allergies or allergic rhinitis you probably have the symptoms such as itchy eyes blocked and runny noses, sneezing and red and swollen eyes.

Allergy symptoms can sometimes be changed reduced with lifestyle changes, but often an antihistamine medication can be very effective in reducing the frequency and severity of symptoms.

If you have any questions about allergy medications or any health issues remember your pharmasave pharmacist are a valuable source of information and are here to help you!

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Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Glucose
Testing Clinics - Every Wednesday
Chlesterol testing clinic February  13th 9-2pm

Our staff is available every Wednesday to check your blood pressure, cholesterol and/or blood sugar readings.
Early diagnosis helps improve the treatment and  end results when caring for these illnesses.
An elevated blood pressure or "hypertension" is called the "silent killer" and can only be diagnosed by checking an individual's blood pressure.
Our HomeCare staff is also available Monday until Friday from 9am-4pm to  answer questions or concerns which you may have relating to your health. 

Come in and see Dolores Robicheau, Jody Kempton RN, or Laura Pitman LPN 
for all your home health care needs

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Light Therapy
Up-Lift Day Light
What is Light Therapy?
~ daily scheduled exposure to intensive levels of artificial light.
What is Light Therapy used for?
~ for treating Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) which is a type of recurrent major depression experienced by some people during the Fall and Winter months.
How can I benifit from using Light Therapy?
~ if you experience any combination of the following symptoms during the winter months: feeling down, moodiness, loss of energy, fatigue, lethargy, excessive sleeping, etc.

Our Home Health Care Dept. carries a variety of Light Therapy systems for rent or purchase.  We also have information available & are happy ti help answer your questions.

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MacKenzie Orthotic & Orthopaedic Services

MacKenzie Orthotic Clinics
Rod MacKenzie Orthotic/Orthopaedic Clinic February 22nd 23rd & 24th

Roderick P. MacKenzie, BSc PT will be conducting clinics in our Home Health Care Dept. on a monthly basis. Products & services include custom orthotic Birkenstock sandals & additional orthotic sandals & shoes. He also specializes in custom Knee braces, S.I. belts and a variety of off-the-shelf braces.
Physician's referral required.
Please make an appointment by calling 902-423-0168.

Feet are the foundation of the body. The average person takes 8-10 thousand steps in a day which accumulate over time. When the feet are maligned, they can cause a “Domino” effect which results in repetitive stress to our feet, ankles, knees, hips & back, along with the muscles & tendons that keep them together.
•Custom Orthotic Insoles
•Custom Orthotic Birkenstock Sandals
•Custom Knee Braces(Osteoarthritis, ACL,PCL)
•Full Range of Advanced Off-The-Shelf Braces
(SI Belts, Lumbar Support, Ankle Instability, Patello-Fen:oral
Syndrome, Knee Instability  etc.)

For information or appointments please phone 
902-423-0168 or 902-222-7665.
Roderick P. MacKenzie BSc PT

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Analyze your Cholesterol
Levels Today

Cholesterol Clinic 
{ testing by appointment}

A drop of blood from your fingertip & 5 minutes for our LDX
machine to generate a report providing you with readings of
total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides & more.

For more information or to book your appointment,
please call Home Health at 742-7825.
Applicable Fee must be paid in advance,
and client must fast for 12 hours prior to test.

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Reflexology Clinics

Reflexology Clinic - February   2th & 16th

Reflexology is a natural healing based on the principle that there are reflexes in the hands, feet and ears, which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body

For more information and an appointment:
Contact Delia Smith.  at 645-2704

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Do You Need A Flu Vaccine

Do you have asthma, Bronchitis, diabetes or heart disease
Are you 65 years or older
Are you a healthe crae worker
Do you live with or care for someone in this group

If you answered "YES" to any of these then you need a flu vaccination

We anticipate the "Flu Clinic" schedules from the Dept. of Public Health to be issued soon.
However, there is a delay in the availability of vaccine this year so please check with us for a copy of the schedule at the end of October.

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VON FootCare Clinic
VON Foot Care Clinic - February  2nd and 16th 8:30am-3:30 pm

A VON Nurse is available to provide foot care for individuals who prefer or require this special care. 

    1. Some individuals aren't able to look after their own foot care because: they aren't able to reach their feet easily.
    - reduced vision makes it more difficult to see what care their feet require
    - tough and ingrown nails can be difficult to care for. 

    2. A specialist can examine for actual or potential problems as they occur.

    3.When a person doesn't get adequate foot care, it can result in several problems:
    - it may be difficult to wear comfortable foot wear, so a person doesn't  get out or be as active as they would like to be, 
    - their posture is affected if they are correcting for "sore toes". 

For an appointment, please phone 742-7825
Fee: $25.00 
Please bring your own personal towel. 
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Nutra Sea

DHA Rich Omega-3 Herring Oil

OMega-3 fatty acids are vital components of good health. Both 
DHA & EPA (fatty acids) supplementation show great promise for 
the following conditions: Arthritis, Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, Attention deficit disorder. 

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Sun Care
There is no such thing as a safe tan, as a tan does not provide much protection against further sun damage.   Protect yourself from the sun with lifestyle modifications

Limit sun exposure
Cover yourself
Wear a sunscreen / sunblock
Avoid sun Lamps and tanning beds
Protect your eyes with UV filter glasses
Be careful of sun and certain medications

Certain prescription drugs can make you more sensitive to UV rays. Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions

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Water Coolers......

Visit our home care section and Check out our new 
water coolers by  Thermo Concepts...

  These coolers feature
   5 Year Warranty
   Stainless Steel Reservoir
   High density UV resistant Polyethylene Cabinet
   Integrated spill-saver systems for added hygiene
   Easy Maintenance
   Free full 5 Gallon Water Bottle

Purchase far $259.95 + Tax or
Rent/or $1.00 a day with a $30.00 deposit.

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Breast Health
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Simple examinations to detect breast cancer include:
Routine breast self-examination
Clinical breast exam by Doctor

The Mobile Breast Screening will be in Yarmouth from Dec 20th-31st. 
It will be located in the Yarmouth Hospital parking lot.

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Breast Health Mobile Breast Screening Van


The Mobile Breast Screening will be in Yarmouth from Dec 20th-31st. 
It will be located in the Yarmouth Hospital parking lot.

The Mobile Breast Screening Van will be in Yarmouth 
from TBA and will be located in the 
Yarmouth Hospital parking lot.

Please schedule your appointment for a mammogram
by phoning 1-800-565-0548.

Breast Health Information

Get Your Mammogram!
The mobile breast screening van will be
Yarmouth at the Regional Hospital

Call For  Appointment

Our trained HomeHealth Staff has information and videos to assist you with learning the simple skills of Breast self-examination. 

Breast self-examination is not as reliable as mammography or physical examination of the breasts in finding breast cancer. But, doing it regularly helps you to learn what is normal for your breasts and the you will be able to notice any changes. 

The need to do BSE becomes more important with age, especially after 40.  It should be done each month at the same time, even after menopause.  The Canadian Cancer Society has a pamphlet on BSE that you might find helpful. 

Copies are available at Pharmasave in the HomeHealthcare section.

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Pharmasave is pleased to announce they are now carrying the Rayma Balance Bracelet

Balance Bracelet Concept

The Chinese have known for thousands of years that when your body is in harmony (balance), you will have more energy, less ailments and a better outlook on life.

Based on the same principals as Chinese acupuncture, the Rayma Balance Bracelet balances the body's positively charged and negatively charged ions, promoting good health and wellness throughout the entire body. Unlike copper and magnetic bracelets, which only help the localized area in which they are in contact, the Rayma Balance Bracelet helps the whole body. Time and time again this bracelet has provided very remarkable beneficial results.

What does it do?
It helps the body by restoring the natural electromagnetic balance through a process known as "Electropolarization . This aids the body's return to its normal ionic balance which helps relieve discomfort, improves balance and increases energy. If you wear it 24 hours a day, it works 24 hours a day.

Drop in to see our supply of S, M or L bracelets in classic, silver or gold.

Picture of Silver Bracelet  and Gold Bracelet
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May is Medic Alert Awareness Month

Enrolling in the Medic Alert Foundation provides you 
with a lifetime of service and protection for a one time fee.

Medic Alert offers a variety of attractive bracelets and necklaces 
custom engraved with your crucial medical facts and personal requests that should be known in an emergency.

Visit Home Health Care for a Medic Alert Enrollment Form!

MedicAid Response System

The MedicAid Response System provides a 24 hour emergency phone service from the touch of a button putting you in contact with the individual or emergency service of your choice.

The system uses modem technology to automatically phone MedicAid and display your personalized preference information with the MedicAid staff. Staff talk to you, and carry out your pre-arranged instructions, including emergency calls to local services or family members.

Senior citizens and people with physical limitations who live alone are examples of subscribers, especially when falling is a concern. Family members encourage usage for peace of mind to all parties. The system enables the user to maintain their independent lifestyle with the help of the MedicAid professional team.

For more information or a free demonstration, please call Olaf Gobien at 742-7825

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We Welcome Back!!
The Body Mass Index Machine...

Body mass index (BMI) is a quick and inexpensive method to determine health risk as it relates to your body weight and height. The index is simple, correlates to fatness and applies to both males and females. To determine BMI, weight (kilograms) is divided by height (meters) and squared.

Being overweight increases your health risk for many chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Also breathing difficulties such as asthma and sleep apnea are common.

You can make small steps towards maintaining and achieving a healthy body mass index. To find out your BMI, drop by Home Health Care & soon you can try out our new calculating machine.

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Quit Smoking Program - Ongoing

Pharmasave has a number of ways to assist the smoker who would like to stop, and provide support for the ex-smoker who has quit.

There are smoking cessation programs available, and counseling available to help manage the cravings associated with quitting.  We have a wide range of free literature explaining the nicotine addiction, and  other reasons why you smoke. We are pleased to be partners with the Department of Health in this project.

We at Pharmasave would like to congratulate all the ex-smokers who have undertaken the challenge of leading a smoke-free healthy life style.

More Information

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A seniors telephone check-in program

VON Tri-County Branch Yarmouth is looking for seniors who are isolated and lonely to be part of their FREE seniors check-in program

If you or someone you know could benefit from this program, or if you would like to volunteer for this program please contact Crissy Sollows at 742-4512.

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Seven Steps to Health

Protect yourself and your family.
By knowing and acting on these Seven Steps to Health, you can help prevent cancer.

  • Choose to be a non-smoker. 
  • Choose a variety of lower fat, high fibre foods. Maintain a healthy body weight and limit your alcohol intake. 
  • Protect yourself and your family from the sun. 

  • Regularly scheduled Pap tests and mammograms, according to age, are vital. Practice monthly breast self examination. 
  • See your doctor and dentist regularly for checkups. 
  • Be aware of changes in your normal state of health. If you discover a lump or a mole that has changed, or a sore that won't heal, check with your doctor immediately. 
  • At home and at work, follow health and safety instructions when using hazardous materials. 

    1. Consult your local Unit of the Canadian Cancer Society for more information.
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    Convenient Bill Payment Centre

    We've expanded our Postal Outlet Section at Pharmasave to handle MT&T; phone bill payments. Pharmasave customers have appreciated the convenience of paying their NS Power bills while shopping at our store or using our Postal Outlet.

    For both Phone and Power bills, be sure to bring your bill stub - we cannot process your payment without your utility account information.

    Now you can add Phone Bill payment to your Pharmasave shopping list!! Both MT&T; and Pharmasave offer Air Miles - so don't forget your Air Miles Card! If you don't have an Air Miles Card, we can give you an application form. It's a good program and it's free.

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    Visit Pharmasave's
    Postal Outlet - Convenient
    Location & Hours

    Yes, you can enjoy the convenience of our Postal Outlet while shopping at Pharmasave.
    Some of our varied services include:
    Come check us out - we're easy to find!!
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    "Ask the Pharmacist"

    - by Appointment - 742-7825
    Our Pharmacists advise you on special instructions regarding your prescription when you pick it up at the counter.
    You may wish to have additional information and discussion regarding your health and your overall drug usage.
    You may call to arrange a time to meet with the pharmacist and discuss such matters as:

    1. The Medications you are taking - their uses and how to properly take them,
    2. About developing a schedule for taking your medications,
    3. The interactions or precautions you should beware of when taking over the counter medications,
    4. Any questions you have about your medications.
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