Spears & MacLeod Pharmacy Ltd.
Store map
  1. Cashiers and Lottery Centre
  2. Home Care Diagnostic Island
  3. Personal Hygiene Products
  4. Feminine Protection
  5. Dental, Shaving, and Deodorant Products
  6. Seasonal Products (Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Summer, etc.)
  7. Candy and Pop (Assorted Candy, Boxed Chocolates, Snack Food and Brand Name/Pharmasave Pop)
  8. Magazines, Camera Supplies, Garbage Bags, Household and Air Freshener
  9. Colostomy Supplies, Irrigation Trays, Mastectomy Wear, Breast Prostheses, and Turbans
  10. Aides for Daily Living, Magnifying Glasses, Diabetic Supplies, Glucometers, Insulin Pens, and Medic-Alert Bracelets
  11. Dressing Trays, Stockinettes, Casting Materials, Disposable Gloves, Catheters, Filter Face Masks, Contour Pillows, Seat Cushions, Cervical Cushions, Body Wedges and Egg Crate Mattresses
  12. Incontinent Supplies, Bladder Control Pads
  13. Breast feeding Pumps, Mattress Covers, Heel & Elbow Protectors, Sheepskins, Underpads, External Catheters, Incontinent Pants, Leg Bags and Support Hose
  14. Hot Water Bottles, Rectal Irrigation Kits, Crutches and Walker & Crutch Tips
  15. Cards and Gifts
  16. Photocopies, Colour and Black & White
  17. Stationery, Office & School Supplies
  18. Tylenol, Anacin, Rubs, Suppositories and Kwellada
  19. Boost, Ensure, Band-Aids and Condoms
  20. Stomach, Cough & Cold and Eye Care
  21. Baby Formula, Baby Supplies and Diapers
  22. Pharmacist, Vitamins and Herbal Products, Blood-Glucose Testing Supplies and Homeopathic Remedies
  23. Postal Outlet
  24. Utility Payment Centre
  25. Personal Hygiene Products
  26. Chips,  Sandwiches, Pop, Milk and other Beverages
  27. Obus Back Supports & Seats, Vaporizers, Humidifiers and Elevated Toilet Seats
  28. Urinals, Emesis Basins, Bath & Shower Seats, Sitz Baths, Transfer Benches, Commodes and Commode Buckets
  29. Water Coolers
  30. Sports Medicine Products, Heat & Cold Packs, Heating Pads, Back Braces, Wheelchairs, Pridelift Chairs, Electric Scooters, and Walkers
  31. Office
  32. Office
  33. Office
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