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1.  Bellwood Health Services, Inc. Provides customized treatment for alcohol, drug, gambling, and sexual addictions, eating disorders, and other compulsive behaviours.  This site is a valuable resource for people seeking information about identifying and living with addictions, support programs, and links to other relevant sites." ca
2. Addictions Directory  Addictions related news, books and web resources. com
3. Gambling Facts and Fictions Gambling Facts and Fictions: The Anti-Gambling Handbook to get yourself to stop gambling, quit gambling or never start gambling  com


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  #Gamblers Anon Chat    
offers a self help chat room where people can talk about their problem. Yahoo! Directory  
MORE. . . PATTY'S STORY - IS THERE LIFE AFTER A GAMBLING ADDICTION? "If I was out gambling, I didn't have to deal with anything or anybody else. AOL  
  Addiction Gambling    
Welcome to ''. Here we will strive to inform you and help you with regards to everything you need Sport Betting Gambling Lottery Welcome to '' The AltaVista  
  Addiction Theory bibliography    
Tammik implies that since gambling and gambling addiction are not going to go away, society needs to encourage "safe gambling", perhaps in ways similar to how AOL  
  Compulsive Gambling Center, Inc.    
offering intervention, treatment, and education. Yahoo! Directory  
  Delaware Coucil on Gambling Problems    
Unfortunately I am not aware of a similar product for gambling addiction but the brain receptors for both are close together. I AOL  
sports gambling. Online gambling Gambling. Gambling Addiction. internet gambling. gambling supplies. mississippi gambling. Internet Gambling Addiction. gambling boats. AOL  
  Gambling (Mississippi State University)    
News You Can Use. Gambling addiction may lurk in every hand. University adds. To help avoid a gambling addiction, Cox offers several suggestions: AOL  
  Gambling Addiction    
|T |U | V |W | X| Y | Z | Gambling Addiction Problem Gambling Hub - Providing a hub for the research, treatment, and discussion of alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, computer addiction AltaVista  
  Gambling Addiction    
Find casino industry jobs in Las Vegas, Reno, Las Vegas, Atlantic City and more than 100 other In Houses Work Schedules Party Life Gambling Addiction On the Job Expert Gaming Guide Job Descriptions AltaVista  
  Gambling Addiction    
Website. Here you can find the best Gambling Websites to help with your gambling addiction! Gambling Addiction help! -! To play our web based casino games for real you must be a AltaVista  
  Gambling Addiction    
GAMBLING Offering individual and group counseling services aimed at the prevention and treatment of individuals suffering from compulsive AOL  
  Gambling addiction    
Gambling addiction. Barry Evans & Peter Hausmann, AOL  
  Gambling Addiction Center    
Public Service Activities. Gambling Addiction Center. The goals of this center are to develop a better understanding of the severity AOL  
  Gambling Addiction Links    
Are You Addicted To Gambling (then click on a link below and get some help). 20 Questions to Ask Your Self! National Council on Problem Gambling. AOL  
  Gambling Addiction Links    
Gambling Addiction: CITY CLUB CASINO CITY CLUB CASINO Oregon Gambling Addiction Treatment Division Help is available for every problem gambler in Oregon. AOL  
  Gambling addiction Q A    
Gambling Addiction Questions and Answers Is pathological gambling similar to chemical dependency? Yes and no. Similarities between pathological gambling and chemical dependency include an AltaVista  
  Gambling addiction treated at Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota    
Gambling addiction in North Dakota is addressed by the Gamblers Choice program at Lutheran Social Services of ND. Problem that often accompanies addiction Developing a support network AltaVista  
  Gambling Addiction, Debtors    
Gamblers Anonymous Meeting lists, links to gambling addiction and debtor help Thousands of Recovery Resources for Alcoholism, Addiction and Mental Health provides AltaVista  
  Gambling Facts -- Addiction Services of Brant Inc.    
Gambling Facts is a part of The Addiction Services of Brant Inc., a community based, non-profit agency in Brantford, Ontario, that provides counselling and education to empower those affected by AltaVista  
  Gambling Research    
research conducted at the University of Minnesota on prevalence of youth gambling in Minnesota and a gambling treatment outcome study. Yahoo! Directory  
Services Research has noted that 50% of those with gambling addiction problems also are chemical abusers. Many also are dually the triggers for the gambling addiction and interrelated AltaVista  
concern about the social impact of gambling in the UK. Yahoo! Directory  
  Go Ask Alice!: Help for gambling addiction    
HELP FOR GAMBLING ADDICTION. Dear Alice,. Gambling addiction, in a lot of ways, is quite similar to substance addictions to alcohol and other drugs. AOL  
  Help For Addiction to Gambling, Freedom From Gambling Addiction ...    
help for gambling, gambling, gambling addiction, addiction to gambling, freedom from gambling, help for gambling addiction, freedom from addiction to gambling AOL  
  Husbands & Wives: Hot Topics: Gambling Addiction    
Husbands & Wives > Hot Topics > Relationship Challenges. Gambling Addiction. Search for more articles on gambling addiction on Focus on the Family's Web sites. AOL  
  Minnesota Council on Compulsive Gambling    
a division of the Minnesota Council on Compulsive Gambling (MCCG). Yahoo! Directory  
  National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (NCALG) Yahoo! Directory  
  Optum | Gambling Addiction    
Optum offers health, well-being and work-life services through NurseLine, self-care information and red flags of a serious gambling addiction include preoccupation with gambling, inability AltaVista  
  Problem Gambling and Addiction    
Gambling Addiction New Visiting the casino can be fun but when your playing becomes an obsession you may have a gambling problem. AOL  
  Teen Gambling    
gambling is a chronic relapsing brain disease, like alcoholism. Pathological gambling has all of the hallmarks of addiction including tolerance and withdrawal (Kim, 1998; Wray and Dickerson, 1981 AltaVista  
  The Free Yourself Program    
to book your function! Gabriela Byrne. "A fresh, positive and very holistic approach to dealing with gambling addiction." Quote by Rev. Tim Costello. e-mail us! AOL  
  Washington State Council on Problem Gambling Yahoo! Directory  
  WisBar: Gambling Addiction    
Providing members of State Bar of Wisconsin and the public with legal information and Internet Bar Programs Lawyer Referral Law-related Edu. Gambling Addiction Now one of our fastest growing AltaVista  


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